Monday, March 05, 2007

Massacre:Sing to Your Children

Muchachos y Muchachas!

Oye, oye, oye, oye, oye, oye OYE!!!

This is Juan Francisco Villa coming to you LIVE from downtown Chicago.

Massacre: Sing to Your Children is a very challenging and exciting new play for Teatro Vista that will undoubtedly catapult us to uncharted territory.

Playwright Jose Rivera has blessed Teatro Vista with the unveiling of his WORLD PREMIERE Massacre: Sing to Your Children in association with The Goodman Theatre.

On our first rehearsal we were welcomed with a strong turnout by the Goodman staff, ALPHA, the Teatro Vista ensemble and Teatro Vista board!

We were also paid a visit by a New York Times photographer who took the opportunity to investigate why everyone is speaking so highly about this new jolting play.

We were lucky have Mr. Rivera present the entire firstweek. He was able to witness how Goodman Resident Director Chuck Smith was able to be intensely efficient with the play.

Fight Choreographer David Wooley came in on Saturday to choreograph a bunch of fight scenes. Since there is a gut wrenching murder that does take place at the top of the show, Mr. Wooley did all he could to help us see how it feels to drive a pitchfork into someone's body.

Do not worry, the only bodies hurt during this exercise were cabbages and melons.

The weapons used by the 7 characters are a tire iron, a pitchfork, a machete, an ice pick, a meat cleaver, a butcher's knife and a bicycle chain.

Fun fact about the human body:
If a major artery were to be cut, the blood can squirt up to 30 feet!!!

That Mr. Wooley is loaded with information.

He also set us up with foam batons and staffs to "murder" a person. He strategically set up a gauntlet so we could beat our poor fill in, Collaberaction Executive Artistic Director Anthony Mosely, to utter oblivion.

Boy were we able to vent some frustration about the recent Bears Super Bowl Loss! GO BEARS!!!!

Pictures and more details of this fantastically gory journey to come later.


Teatro Vista

Teatro Vista

This is Juan and I am newbie with blogging. I will post this just to see how it pos up. I will follow it up with a much more interesting blog.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Ladies get their DUE!

Hello Everyone!

Our latest offering, Another Part of the House is truly a showcase for women: the immensely talented female artists involved have produced a work that reveals to us our complexities, our hopes, our beauty, and the truths that can set us free.

With such a strong female presence, we thought it would be great to give all of Teatro Vista's female fans a little something in thanks for your support.

This Friday September 29 has been designated as Another Part Of the House's "Ladies Night". All women attending the show that night will receive a $30 gift certificate to AKIRA (one of my favorite clothing and shoe addition to their Bucktown location, they've just opened up on State Street)

AND that's not all!!! (hey all you men out there, this next one's for you too!)

FOUR, which is a posh nightclub just a couple doors down from the theatre would like to buy all of you a drink after the show...and YES, all the GUYS that come that night get a FREE DRINK as well.

Come on out this Friday and start your weekend off right...

See you then!

Sandra Delgado
Associate Artistic Director

Friday, September 08, 2006

Corsets and Desires

Award-winning costume designer and long-time Teatro Vista artistic associate, Christine Pascual, took some time out recently to share some thoughts on her elegantly provactive costumes for Another Part of the House...

What I want to accomplish through the costumes is to show how these women are bound, by class, tradition, morals and power. The fashion of the times: corset, petticoat, stockings as well as the traditions of mourning dress closes one off symbolically and literally. But in their various private rooms and interactions, I want to show more of their inner selves. In private they can breathe a little, unbutton or loosen a hook and talk about their desperations, desires and wishes. The undergarments are a glimpse of their personlities beneath the structure of the mourning dress. They take on a special importance.

-Christine Pascual

Meet Luis De La Torre, Another Part of the House's invited Visual Artist

We are thrilled to have renowned visual artist Luis De La Torre as part of our design team. Here's a sneak peek of his creations for Another Part of the House:

"In an attempt to translate the psychological dialogue that I envisioned
in the writer’s creation I have developed this composition to contribute
to the APOTH production. The visuals are in a panel form and are
reminiscent of a mosaic. Their content is designed to give the audience a
sense of shelter and overwhelming dominance by the matriarchal figure, as
well as, the other characters feelings for longing and liberty that consumes them underneath the surface".

-Luis DeLaTorre, Visual Artist

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SUCIO...TV knows how to do it!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks to all of you who came out to our first ever SUCIO event last was a fun, fun evening. Luna Blues machine kept us grooving and Goose Island and Coobah made sure no one went thirsty...I met a bunch of great people and got to dance with some of my favorite people in the world.

I bought a new digital camera that day (my last one met a sad, sad fate in Florida swimming pool) and went crazy that are some highlights for you...hope to see you all at the next one...

Sandra D.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy summer to everyone!

As many of you may have noticed in our last email, I am stepping down as Associate Artistic Director of Teatro Vista. After 8 years in that position, I decided it was time to switch my focus a bit. It's hard work, helping to run a company, and I have been so happy to do it. This change doesn't mean I'm out of the picture completely, as some people have asked. After so many years of such intense involvement and being a part of our development to this wonderful point in time, I don't think I COULD just drop out of the picture. After all, this company is my artistic home--and will continue to be! :-) So, I'm taking some time to figure out the next logical step for me.

On another note, we were very involved in the Teatro Vista reading of "El Grito del Bronx" last week at the Goodman's Latino Theatre Festival. It went very very well. The fabulous playwright and old friend of ours, Migdalia Cruz, was in town to workshop that play and also to workshop "Another Part of the House," which is our next show. It has been so GREAT to have her here with us. I am thrilled that are finally doing a Migdalia Cruz play and am looking foward to doing more! You don't want to miss it--we've got some of the most amazing women in the city in the cast. It will be an event, trust me.

Many TV peeps were also involved in the Goodmans' reading of "The Crossing" which was the very first play TV produced way back 15 years ago. The subject of the play is immigration and the heart-wrenching story is still relevant today-- maybe even more so, unfortuantely. The reading was followed by a panel, which included CBS Channel 2's anchor, Antonio Mora as moderator and Jesse Jackson Jr as a speaker.

It was an amazing evening and reminds me that the power of theater to speak to todays' issues is an awesome responsibility.

There is so much to be said, but the best way we can say it is in our work.

We'll be looking for you at the theater!

- Sandra Marquez, Ensemble Member

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Heat

HOT! HOT! HOT! The "dog days of summer" indeed! The last time I experienced weather this torrid, I was in Havana. Remembering Cuba makes me think of Teatro Vista's next production, ANOTHER PART OF THE HOUSE, by Migdalia Cruz. Cruz took Lorca's THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA as her stepping off point, and has relocated Bernarda and her mother and her daughters from Lorca's Spain to a village in Cuba. Migdalia has spoken of her continuing interest in this family, and her curiousity about what might be layered beneath the enigmatic relationships of these women after the death of Bernarda's husband. The tale Cruz weaves for us is a tangle of passion, betrayal, long held secrets, and erupting sexuality, all played out in the blazing heat of this most fascinating tropical island. Cecilie Keenan directs this production, so you can be sure she will add her own intensely brilliant vision to the unfolding drama. If you are familiar with the original Lorca play you'll be intrigued to see what new perspective Cruz and Keenan and the cast bring to these three generations of women. If the characters are new to you, prepare to be sucked into their lives. The play opens on September 19 at the Chopin Theatre. Opening night will be fun- a great performance, a reception afterwards where you can hang out with the people who made the magic you saw on stage happen. Tickets for opening night are selling quickly, so call soon. And there are previews, beginning September 15. You can make your reservations at 312-494-5767. Visa or Master Card. See you at the theatre. Donna Dunlap, Teatro Vista Board Member

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Teatro Vista Season

Hope you are all enjoying summer in this fabulous theatre city! It's almost August and you can feel the electricity among our ensemble and board as we get ready to kick off our season.

I always get filled with joy when I see our ensemble on stage interrpreting roles by some amazing Latino playwrights. This season we have the pleasure of sharing and bringing to life the plays of three such fabulous playwrights, Migdalia Cruz, Quiara Alegria Hudes and Jose Rivera. To add to that we will also be working with three MARVELOUS AND TALENTED resident directors Cecilie Keenan, Lisa Portes and Chuck Smith, Artistic Associate at the Goodman. Of course, it doesn't stop there we have a dedicated and talented design team working to make sure that our productions continue to be as high quality as possible.

In the weeks to come we will be posting more on our blog and you can get a backstage view of our productions. The Midwest premiere production Another Part of the House opens September 19 - October 22, 2006 at the Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division, Chicago, IL.

Want to get involved with the fastest growing Latino Theatre Company in the Midwest during our exciting season? You can either become a volunteer, make a secure online donation or become a board member. If you are interested in any of these drop me an email at As always gracias for your support! -Diana Pando, Managing Director

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for visiting our blog. You are witness to my navigation into the 21st century...I have never done anything like this before.

I recently finished my transition into the position of Associate Artistic Director and am excited to learn, to grow, to share my ideas, and to make a difference.

I am honored to hold this post and honored to follow in the footsteps of my mentor and friend, Sandra Marquez.

Its time to get to work!

I have thrown myself into the thick of things, with my role as Producer of Another Part of the House, our fall production. Talk about humbling and awe-inspiring...this is, excuse my french, one HELL of an artistic team. Here are some highlights:

At the helm, we've got director, Cecilie Keenan, who you will all remember as the director of our critically-acclaimed production of Living Out.

Our writer, Migdalia Cruz, who is an old friend of TV and has crafted a bewitching and sensual, shocking and beautiful play. Migdalia will be around for the rehearsal process...very exciting.

I was able to see Rick Paul's set last night and it is absolutely incredible...secret spots and passageways, different levels and worlds. Rick is working with our guest visual artist, Luis DeLa Torre who will be creating original work for the set. Together they are creating a world full of mystery and longing, hope and regret: a world where anything can happen.

And then there are our actresses...Teatro Vista ensemble members and power house actresses Sandra Marquez, Charin Alvarez and Laura Crotte will leave you breathless. Laura is coming all the way from Mexico to be a part of this prodcution...we are very lucky to have her. And ensemble member Juan Villa is our lone male in a house full of women...did he luck out or what?

All in all, a producer's dream come true....can't wait to share it with you.

I am so excited to be a part of it all...thanks for reading...see you soon!

Sandra Delgado
Associate Artistic Director
Teatro Vista

P.S. I hope to see you all at the reading of one of Migdalia's other plays, Cry Of the Bronx, being presented as part of the Latino Theatre Festival at the Goodman on Saturday August 5 at 2pm...admission is free!